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Slow Start


The New Year is supposed to be a time for fresh starts – in life and on our blogs. I think my life wasn’t listening when that announcement was made. Either that or it’s being deliberately contrary. Or maybe both.

That’s why you haven’t seen me in a while.

The first week or so was ok; getting back into the swing of things after Christmas, getting back on top of housework, registering for some courses, getting excited about new cooking ideas. The normal kind of stuff.

Then the doctors surgery or the pharmacy messed up the prescription timings of some medication I take. They say you have to be off it for a good number of days before you feel a difference … in my case, make it the same evening. I had no medication for four days, so that nicely wiped out a week to two weeks for me.

Right, let’s start again. L and I went on our church weekend away, with lots of teaching and some really good conversations with people. What better way for a boost?

I was so exhausted from the weekend that I caught a really bad coldy-fluey thing, which I am still fighting as I write … bye bye to another two weeks.

Enough is enough! I have a life to live, a husband to care for, photos to take, a blog to write, food to cook … oh yes, and a house to clean … ! 😉

This weekend we are going to be travelling up country for the christening of our nephew, which will be a lovely time to see family. After that, I plan on being around a lot more, so prepare yourselves!! 😛

I have a question for you:

Is there anything particular you would like me to write about?!