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About Bank Holidays and Fun on The Beach!

There’s this standing joke among us British. Well, not a joke maybe … more an ironic truth? A pessimistic reality? A soggy certainty I think about sums it up.


It always rains on the bank holiday weekend. The May and August bank holidays are looked forward to as a long weekend where workers get the Monday off and the kids get a day off school, a weekend for fun, family and food … and usually failed plans. The weather just seems to know everyone wants to be outside having fun, so rains, usually hard.


We always plan for gorgeous weather … and are almost always disappointed by rain. Somehow, when it comes to bank holidays, we seem to have developed a national unquenchable optimism.


This bank holiday weekend has so far been fantastic! Blue skies, nice breezes, blazing sun and not a rain drop in sight – perfect! I reckon that gives us at least a 10 year renewal on our optimism lease! 😉

My best friend R and I went to our favourite sand beach and had fish and chips by the sea! The chippy (fish and chip shop for the uninitiated 😉 ) claimed to serve the best chips in the South West – I haven’t run a taste-test on every chippy in the South West, so I can’t say for sure, but they were very scrummy chips, especially with a good helping of salt and vinegar – yum!! 😀

We leaned against the sea wall, chatting and watching the sea and the other people enjoying themselves on the beach. Somehow, while watching the really little kids exploring and discovering, you can’t help but see it all through new eyes yourself. No to mention how cute some of those little kids were … 😉

We couldn’t resist taking our shoes and socks off and enjoying the feeling of warm sand running between our toes … then the water just seemed to beckon … it looked so fresh and inviting … so we just had to go paddling!! It.Was.Cold. The first time the waves washed over our feet it was chilly, but good but the next few times and we could feel our feet going numb! After not very long we retreated to the hot sand to dry off, but hey, we did it, ok?! 😛

I took a conservative number of photos and got sunburned – two things which hardly ever happen!

Thanks for a lovely time R! 🙂

Tomorrow L and I are going for a picnic BBQ and walk in the woods with friends, so the weather better stay good … or else … well, hopefully something I won’t have to come up with, because of course it’s going to be brilliant weather on a bank holiday Monday!! 😀

Sunshine coming my way!

The beginning of this year has thrown so many curve balls our way that I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath and get bating again (like my sport illustration there, accurate or not?!). Blogging hasn’t even made its way on to the bottom of my radar.


This week we have been having glorious weather and there is nothing like blue skies, warm breezes and hot, golden sunshine to lift the spirits!


The last few days I have been out and about, enjoying the sunshine and giving my freckles permission to cover my face in gingery speckled forests! Good thing I like freckles huh? 🙂


Yesterday afternoon I walked over to my favourite park, which used to be sort of like a back garden for me.


From where I was sitting I could see the row of houses I used to live in before I was married. In fact, the houses with the man up the ladder was where I rented a room. Funnily enough, L and a group of his friends lived in the next one to the left, and one of our pastors and his wife still live in the house to the left of that one … bit of a church take-over! 😉


Every week our church’s staff team pray for a page of people from the Prayer and Address List and I’m the person that gets to write a card to each of these people to let them know they’ve been prayed for that week! I love doing this job and enjoyed taking it out into the lovely day with me!


Of course, I know that it won’t make any difference to the recipients at all, but I liked the thought that lots of sunshine went into those cards yesterday! 🙂


I hope you’ve had some sunshine in your day!