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The Best Kind of Craft

This week L and I are staying with his parents. Oh yes, and L’s brother, sister-in-law and their two (almost completely!) adorable children …

L’s brother and family live about 5-6 hours car journey away from us, so both visiting the parent’s home at the same time is a very good way to meet up … for L and I anyway, as we only have 1 1/2 hours to drive 😛


Grandma bought a box full of fun craft bits and bobs for me to play with my niece, A, who is three. So much fun!

This card was made especially for Grandma – A Busy Sea!


Meet (l-r) Ben and Rosie, the spiders A and I made – all according to A’s ideas and step-by-step instruction! I assure you, she knows exactly what should go where, at what time and with how much glue! 😉


Despite challenging my ingrained perfectionism, I had so much fun creating the pictures present in a three-year old’s mind out of pom-poms, wiggly-eyes and pipe-cleaners!!


Our friend A is having major surgery today, will be in hospital for a week and house-bound for 2 months.


For those of you who pray, can you please pray now for A? Pray that her operation would go smoothly and be a big success and that Jesus would fill T, her husband, with His peace and presence as he waits for A to come through surgery. Please continue to pray for A’s swift and straight forward recovery and for both A and T to have all the strength and support that they need at this time.

Thank you very much!