I Cannot Be Silent


For the past few weeks I have been in turn sad, angry, sick, frustrated, hurting and resigned over some news from America. I have debated again and again about saying something about it myself, but my passion for making sexual abuse (and every other kind of abuse) known and talked about in Christian and church circles only continues to grow. There are so many voices out there speaking about the Dugger family, but amongst them all, I have found Elizabeth Esther to be constant voice of balanced yet impassioned views. Please don’t ignore the victims that surround us all, in and out of church.
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One thought on “I Cannot Be Silent

  1. Well said! I don’t watch the news so knew nothing about this particular story but ‘speaking out’ is so important and I’m praying you have the grace to know when and how to do this. The sheer naivity of ‘christian circles’ to the true nature of abuse and its effects on people is something I would like to see change. I think we need to ‘wise up’ about so many things so that we can be part of those who protect, stand with, defend and uphold victims rather than remaining silent and compounding their isolation. Thanks for the link to Elisabeth Esther- have just purchased her book, looks very insightful although I suspect it will make my heart ache quite a bit in places.

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