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My New Venture!

Once again I have been silent for a while … but this time I have a very good reason!

I have started my own business!!

Allow me to introduce to you:

Facebook logo

Please do go and take a look at my Facebook page and then share it with your friends!

I love using my crafting and sewing skills to make toys and gifts for family and friends. I was making so many of the little owls I’ve shared with you before and receiving such a positive response to them and my other gifts. “You should sell these” became an often-heard comment. Hmm, what better way to earn money then by doing what I love?

So now we have Bright & Beautiful! This name actually came from when I was a kid planning what I wanted to do when I grew up – who would have thought it?

Here is a little peek at some of the things you can buy! Head to my page to find out more about these and my other items!





Meet …


… Rosie the Owl!

I finished sewing Rosie last night and at the end of November she will be going home to a small friend of mine who’s going to turn three!

Rosie has flappable wings, button eyes, a beak that lifts up and down and cute heart buttons on her front. She is also soft and cuddly and hopefully just the right size for little hands.

I’m sure that Rosie will get a new name all her own and I hope she’ll be a part of many exciting adventures created by G!

Until then, I’m enjoying having Rosie’s cute face around and am starting on some owl-friends for my niece and god-daughter.

So grateful to my lovely honorary-mum for the wonderful pattern, adapted with the help of brilliant advice from hubby and friends! 😉